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Ten years ago, my long time friend, Dave Jongeneelen, and his business partner, Uthara Narayanan, started Buzz Women to address one key question: How can we take women out of the poverty cycle? The answer they found was education. This led to a second question: What is the best way to make education accessible to them when they live in remote villages and have to look after their families? The answer was to bring education to them and start ‘schools-on-wheels’. To date, Buzz Women has empowered 500,000 women globally by providing direct access to education and entrepreneurship programs.

I have had the privilege to be part of this incredible journey from the start in 2012 through a ‘creative-pro-bono-sponsorship’, providing them with a wide range of design solutions to help them reach their goals and ambitions.

Aside from their global website, I designed their book “The Gift of Friendship” which Dave Jongeneelen co-authored with his mentor and friend Ousman Cham. Separated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ousman and Dave——two men of different age, culture, religion, each living in Africa and Europe——used e-mail to stay connected. Over time, their frank exchanges covered widely themed conversations addressing some of life’s tough questions, including what role men play/or should not play in women’s empowerment.

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There you can see how you can contribute to this unique initiative and help change lives.

You can join in Buzz Women’s milestone celebrations with their latest initiative ‘Hop on the Buzz’ or buy ‘The Gift of Friendship’ HERE (all proceeds go to supporting Buzz Women).

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